Since our founding in 1994, iStore has served a wide variety of customers including integrated global oil companies, independents, national oil companies, service companies, and joint ventures.


what our customers have to say

iStore provides quality services that are necessary to help operators generate revenue efficiently and in a timely fashion. This value is critical, especially in times of uncertain oil prices.
— Manager, Operations
iStore has demonstrated time and again the ability to enter client engagements and fulfill requirements with the least possible business interruption. iStore provides a strategic transition plan connecting in–situ data systems and minimizing complicated data migration efforts.
— Director, Information Technology
Rather than providing an IT–centric support model, iStore appeals directly to the engineering and geological functions, and solutions are of more immediate value to the interpreters and users of the data.
— Petroleum Engineer
A distinct advantage to iStore is the continuing and direct in–office support provided by experienced iStore engineers, geological experts, and programmers who understand oil field data management.
— Director, Data Management