Operations and Drilling and Partners…Oh My!

Tracking production and drilling operations for over hundreds of thousands of wells sounds easy and simple enough, right? Wrong! It is one of the most time consuming and difficult practices in the upstream sector. In addition to tracking all ongoing operations out in the field, imagine sending out daily reports and updates to hundreds of partners on a daily basis. There is simply no easy way to track production, drilling, and operations data, as well as keep partners updated with the most accurate and up-to-date information. There is truly a need for a Digital Oilfield when dealing with so many wells, activities, and partners.

Improving data transparency and availability throughout all departments not only saves time, but also reduces the risk of error and miscommunication.

iStore was lucky enough to help a supermajor with its Digital Oilfield effort. Once implemented on the company’s intranet, they wondered how they ever did business before! The new system combined all information and documents related to an asset, field, well, or completion into dynamically generated web pages. It included production rollups, decline curve charts, log viewers, and other visualization tools. An Internet-facing extranet site was also deployed for sharing information with joint venture partners, which enabled certain users to securely access important information and run reports on their own time. Confidential data was kept private, as the system only gave authorized users access to the information.

The solution helped the company gain immediate value from advancements in data transparency.

Allowing the system to integrate into the company’s existing workflows made for a quick and seamless learning curve, which gave operators, business professionals, and partners the ability to capitalize on their existing data in a short amount of time.