For the Visual Learner

If there is one thing that we can say about engineers, it would be that they are extremely visual. 

We kept this is mind when we began developing our upstream data management and reserves analysis products. Too many E&P products focus on numbers and spreadsheets, but staring at numbers and formulas all day really makes an engineer’s day drag on and on and on… Why not make his or her job more exciting and colorful by using beautiful 3D images, vibrant charts, and visually-rich maps?

iStore’s products and solutions feature visually-appealing, industry-specific tools to view surface and subsurface data, including wellbore visualization and detailed mapping, to unlock the hidden potential of your managed data. Take a look at some of our software screenshots!

3D Viewers

iStore’s 3D viewers contain displays of wellbore tracks, deviation survey points, and seismic surfaces. It is also possible to exercise quality control of well data and gain an understanding the spatial relationship between the wells. The viewers also allow for the viewing of multiple structural surfaces.


Stick Charts

iStore’s patent-pending Stick Charts include displays of formation tops and a spyglass feature to quickly display stick chart cross-sections. The chart highlights producing and non-producing perforated intervals and net pay intervals in TVD subsea. Other features include quick analysis of data quality control issues, production potential opportunities, and detailed information for every well.



iStore’s maps contain holistic views of wells, fields, and prospects. The maps display satellite imagery and weather, as well as roads, boundaries, pipelines, and facilities, and feature contouring and volumetric calculations.


Well Log Viewers

iStore’s well log viewers can display any curve, perforated interval, or well top. Additional features include a high resolution export of the entire log, saving of default well log templates, and saving and retrieving of log cross-section snapshots.


Cross-Plot Viewers

iStore’s cross-plot viewers allow you to choose any curve or interval. Selected points in the log are then highlighted in the cross-plot and vice versa. The viewers also allow you to choose color-based values for any curve.