Going Digital

A few years ago, a worldwide oil company came to us to voice their concerns regarding the information overload they dealt with on a daily basis. With over three million wells and hundreds of joint venture partners, it was becoming overwhelming and time-consuming to keep track of production, drilling, and operations information. Not only was there so much information to keep up with, the data was also stored in separate databases, making it difficult for different departments and partners to communicate.

This is where we stepped in and aided the oil company in launching its first Digital Oilfield initiative.

iStore deployed PetroTrek®, its proprietary software, on the company’s intranet, which provided a single access point to almost 30 different production and drilling sources. These sources included dozens of proprietary and commercial Oracle and SQL Server databases, including WellView, PI Historian, OpenWorks, and Documentum. The solution was role-based and was integrated into the company’s workflow to enable quick and easy access.

And the results were outstanding.

All oilfield information was put onto web pages, giving users quick and easy access from any location. Data visualization allowed decision-makers to easily read the data at hand without bringing in subject matter experts to interpret the data. A website for partners was created in order to give accurate updates on all business-related matters. Partners would only see the information that the oil company wanted them to see, as role-based access and strong security measures were added to improve partner collaboration. The solution also provided the ability to share large files without having to mail physical media.

iStore was able to connect all the data sources without having to move any of the information from its original location, which helped the oil company save on IT costs. By keeping the IT infrastructure the same, the Digital Oilfield initiative proved to be very non-disruptive during the deployment process.

The company was able to gain immediate value from the improvement in data transparency and availability across all departments. Partners also greatly benefitted, as they were able to see real-time reports on demand. The time spent locating important documents fell from hours to minutes, giving employees and partners more time to focus on their other daily activities.