Why Web? iStore Software Philosophy Focus

Today’s world is mobile. From cell phones and laptops, to GPS systems and online shopping, almost everything can be done with the touch of a button, at any location. Why should an E&P company’s data management system be any different?

iStore was founded on the philosophy that data access should be quick and easy for all members of a business. What started as a consulting company solving data access problems soon developed into a software providing company with a comprehensive suite of internet-based solutions. iStore’s founders were years ahead of the times and knew that the web would be the “office” of the future. No longer would a physical office be required to store important and valuable documents. All this information would be available in the virtual world.

By using the web as a data management platform, companies greatly benefit in multiple ways:

1. Business never slows down.

In the past, if an employee was away on a business trip and could not tend to his everyday work responsibilities, business often slowed down, especially if the work of others relied on this employee’s work. By using the web to host a company’s IT processes, that employee can work remotely. Anywhere. Anytime. Business does not slow down just because someone is not in the office. 

2. Documents are in safe hands.

Remember the blue screen of death? Surely the thought of that terrible blue screen just sent you on nightmarish walk down memory lane. Before companies utilized the web to its full capacity, all documents were saved onto hard drives. But what happened when the computer crashed? Most likely, all the documents were erased. The web secures your documents, giving you peace of mind that your important files will be backed up in the cloud. 

3. Business can expand, faster than ever.

Before companies built their IT infrastructures on the web, they resorted to storing files locally on their computers. But what happened when the company started to expand and decided to open a second office location halfway across the country? They probably had to copy all the files from one computer to another. Yet data was never up-to-date because the separate computers could not accommodate real-time changes. The only way to keep up with information updates was through email, fax, phone calls, and mail, which could take days to receive the updates! Putting the business on the web allows for easy updates and access to real-time information. This enables companies to grow at lightning-speed! Employees can spend their time focusing on increasing revenue instead of searching to locate hundreds of thousands of important documents.

Having correct and up-to-date information at hand is crucial to the success of E&P companies. As in any industry, companies must be able to respond within a matter of minutes under certain circumstances. This information puts companies ahead of their competitors when they are able to make quicker decisions and focus on business strategy, instead of sifting through files all day.