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iStore's suite of PetroTrek Digital Oilfield solutions simplify the tasks of finding, organizing and visualizing E&P data by connecting users directly with the data they need and presenting it in familiar forms. Here's what iStore customers are saying:

"PetroTrek had the biggest impact on improving my productivity and offers the same improvement in efficiency for the company. PetroTrek allows me to access data from multiple data sources without requiring an application to acquire, manipulate, and analyze for each. As a result, the time I spend getting data is significantly reduced and my efficiency is significantly increased. I am not required to have several applications residing on my desktop, nor am I required to master these applications so I can retrieve and analyze data. This reduces costs for the business unit in my improved efficiency and in reduced training requirements (it takes a short amount of time to be a proficient PetroTrek user, it takes days to weeks to learn all of the applications we currently use to get data and manipulate it)."

-- Reservoir Engineer

"AMS has provided me with an efficient and comprehensive tool that allows me to gather and analyze a large breadth of data in a short amount of time. The mapping features are user friendly and are great for gathering offset well information. The production analysis tools have the necessary functionality to effectively evaluate reservoir potential. AMS saves time by not having to search various databases with different software packages."

-- Petroleum Engineer

"It has been a pleasure working with the Information Store. Your company has a knack for understanding our needs and helps to create a product that fills those needs - timely and functionally. The applications developed by you have fully met my expectations and delivery of those applications has exceeded my expectations. It has been a pleasure working with a company that truly does add value to our business".

-- Operations Engineer

"The PetroTrek Joint Venture solution has significantly reduced the manpower required to get well information and production data to all of our joint interest owners. Prior to PetroTrek, we were relying on technical assistants to get this information to our joint interest owners via fax, Email or snail mail. At times, this information was not getting to our joint interest owners in a timely manner. PetroTrek has reduced the manpower required to distribute morning drill reports internally. Before PetroTrek, a technical assistant was spending several hours every morning xeroxing and distributing hardcopies of daily drill reports. This has essentially been eliminated with the use of PetroTrek."

-- Reservoir & Subsurface Technical Team


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