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Press Release: 2-18-2009 Press Release Archive

iStore Introduces New Oil and Gas Field Visualization Tool for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Time Chart Provides Composite Views of Past and Current Well Events

HOUSTON - February 18, 2009 - The Information Store� (iStore) has expanded the capabilities of its PetroTrek� Toolkit of Web Parts and services with the introduction of Time Chart. This new web visualization tool allows users running Microsoft� Office SharePoint Server 2007 to access from a single location a wealth of production, operational, and safety data and view relationships between past and current well events. By making more data easily available and putting information in context, Time Chart facilitates decision-making to help oil companies improve their operational performance.

With Time Chart technology, petroleum information workers are empowered with a new level of data visualization. As a Web Part, Time Chart connects multiple data sources through Web services, whether the data is stored locally or in a database thousands of miles away.  All data can be displayed together graphically to form a composite view of information over any period of time.

The Web Part solution, with its components that work together to enable developers to create web pages for users to more easily access information, provides an unprecedented ability to efficiently visualize well events. Among these events are allocated production, annulus pressure, down time, choke size, flowing and shut in pressures, reworks, recompletions, well treatments, preventive maintenance, flow line temperature, attributed losses, well tests, and production status.

"Engineers and production managers truly light up when they see Time Chart," said Barry Irani, iStore's president and CEO. "Users are excited about improved data access, but the real benefit comes from seeing the data in context over time, in ways that may never have occurred to them." 

Irani added, "We've taken away all the constraints of accessibility and availability to give oil companies the freedom to create new ways of working with information."

The PetroTrek Toolkit is a collection of configurable Web Parts and services specifically designed to meet the complex information needs of petroleum engineers, geoscientists, and other members of an asset team. In addition to the Time Chart, the Toolkit contains Web Parts for production decline curves, well logs, field maps, KPI dials, well tests, directional surveys, graphs, and tabular views of data. PetroTrek Toolkit Web Parts can be combined and configured to quickly build production dashboards, operations reports, and electronic well files.

PetroTrek Toolkit Web Parts utilize Microsoft Silverlight technology to render a graphically rich, highly interactive user experience. Users can pan, zoom, and manipulate data as well as configure presentation elements from the Web Part.  And because the Web Parts use AJAX to stream data between browser and server, users don't have to wait for pages to reload to see changes take effect.

"In order to stay productive, while being faced with a graying workforce and increasingly difficult economic constraints, oil and gas teams need direct and centralized access to a wealth of historic and current well data," said Craig Hodges, U.S. energy industry solutions director at Microsoft. "Time Chart's integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Silverlight enables PetroTrek users to more quickly find, use and share the right information needed for well management in an engaging and collaborative environment."

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